ohhh no, not black beard :O

I know :(

Im still kinda sad

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Betta update

RIP Black Jesus and Black Beard.

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So sorry

So sorry for not posting as much!

I started a new semester several weeks ago, and so far it’s been really stressful. I was taking 5 classes but then I dropped 2 to make room for other events. This semester I have 3 classes, I’m the Vice President of a club, and I just joined the college’s magazine.

I was planning for a revamp of this blog, but then school came and now it’s consuming most of my time.

If any of you would like to follow me on my personal tumblr, you may :) (artpapajoe)

All but one of my bettas are fine. Artie is suffering from extreme fin rot and majority of his caudal is gone. It first started with him eating his fins. Then in 3 days it went from a fringed caudal to almost no caudal. I’m sure some of you know the stress that I’m going through with Artie.

I know that his caudal will never look the same as it did, but with my experience with Draco, I know that their tails can heal and grow back.

I’m not sure if I had posted it yet, but I do have another betta that I got for my birthday. He’s a butterfly crowntail that I named Koons, after Jeff Koons. He’s really beautiful!

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BIO BUBBLE: How To Set Up Your Semi-Aquatic Habitat →


The Bio Bubble’s modular design lends itself to become anything your imagination could desire. You can add risers to expand it, bungalow decks for multi-level fun or mesh risers for better ventilation, it truly is created to become anything you want it to be! Create your own greenhouse or build…

Excuse my language, but this is fucking disgusting. DO NOT BUY.

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Any way I can slow my filter down more? This thing is a beast. I’ve already made a baffle, which has helped a bit. However, I’m worried the current is still too strong for a betta. I tried the stocking around the intake tube and that did nothing. Advice? Help? Suggestions?

You could try putting sponges in the filter.

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Which do you like more New Life Spectrum or Omega One? I currently use Omega One, but was curious if anything else was better.

My bettas really love both!

New Life Spectrum uses arctic krill, whole herring, vegetable extracts (for a more well-balanced diet), and algae such as spirulina.

Omega One has whole salmon, halibut, and shrimp. One of the best things about Omega one is that the protein binder they use isn’t water soluble. 

 Both use whole sources of protein, not the junk “meals” in other betta food. New Life Spectrum can be a bit pricey. It usually runs $9-10 for a 60G jar. My tip for you if you get NLS: The pellets are double (maybe tripple) the size of the Omega One pellets, so you have to watch how much you feed your betta(s). 

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